Teaching Aide


The Teaching Assistant supports the teacher and classroom teams, as well as, provides direct student support through implementation of the given academic/positive behavioral intervention program designed by classroom teams/school personnel and is responsible for implementing student lessons, behavior management, intervening in crisis situations, and liaison with other program staff.

• Assists the teacher with implementing the students’ Individual Education Plans (IEP)
• Provides instructional support in content areas, as directed by the teacher
• Implements the classroom or milieu behavior management system, including coaching students so that they are able to quickly return to school tasks
• Intervenes during crises situations, including implementation of Pro-ACT or equivalent, as needed
• Helps maintain the physical school environment to keep it functional, safe, and clean
• Supervises students during class breaks and during lunch
• Plan, participate in, and/or facilitate recreational activities of various sorts (i.e. athletic, arts, and crafts, off-campus trips, cultural awareness, etc.).
• Maintain consistent awareness of client’s whereabouts to insure safety; including directing clients to appropriate groups or areas in the milieu or school.
• Prepares and duplicates written assignments, as needed
• Supports in record keeping, as directed by the teacher
• Transitions the students in an orderly manner during transportation transitions from the car/bus to the classroom or from the classroom to the car/bus
• Confers, as needed, with agency staff on student status or the need for additional behavior planning

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