Sausalito Bicycle Ambassador Program


SausalitoPlus, a not-for-profit organization, established the first Sausalito Bicycle Ambassador program in 2015. This program was established to:

1. Improve pedestrian, car and bicycle safety at key areas.
2. Increase biker awareness of Sausalito biking requirements and help ensure their compliance.
3. Help reduce congestion.
4. Answer visitor questions and assist residents.
5. Work as a team parking bikes in our Valet parking area, and managing access for bicyclists to ferry services.

Last year’s Ambassador Program was very successful and very rewarding for all. This year’s program will run until at least the end of October.

We are looking for people to fill full and part-time positions as Ambassadors — for pay or as a volunteer. There are a variety of opportunities available. To be a participant, you will need to:

  • Be polished and professional as you will be representing the great city of Sausalito.
  • Be even-tempered and enjoy interacting and helping the general public.
  • Have good communications skills. Knowledge of another language is a plus.
  • Be reliable and a team player.
  • Have the ability to stay focused and on task, and do your job with pride.
  • Like being outdoors and on your feet.
  • Have good references.

You will meet people from all over the world, interact with Residents, the City of Sausalito, Chamber of Commerce, Ferry District, and so many others, and make a meaningful difference in the comfort and accessibility for the city’s residents and visitors alike.

Apply on Craigslist