Benefits Technician with the City and County of San Francisco


The Workers’ Compensation Division (WCD) at the Department of Human Resources for the City and County of San Francisco is seeking a Benefits Technician.

Under immediate supervision, a 1209 Benefits Technician in WCD performs technical and clerical work in employee benefits specific to Workers’ Compensation. This is the entry-level class of the Employee Benefits series, performing technical and administrative support and research and working closely with Workers’ Compensation Adjusters (8141) in order to ensure a smooth and seamless delivery of benefits to injured employees and the timely completion of critical, time-sensitive tasks.

Following is a list of essential and important duties that may be assigned to a 1209 Benefits Technician:

  1. Provides support services to analysts or adjuster in processing claims and benefit entitlements.
  2. Provides general information to City employees regarding retirement benefits, health and dental benefits, or worker’s compensation benefits.
  3. Researches records and accounts for prior membership, premium history, account discrepancies, requested information, buybacks, withdrawal status, payment history, prior claims, overpayments, underpayments, injury information, and adjustments in database.
  4. Makes adjustments, and creates, updates, inputs, and maintains information in the computer software files or in the database.
  5. Reviews, completes, and processes a variety of membership forms, medical claims, and medical only (worker’s compensation) claims.
  6. Conducts research on claims to determine appropriate rates to use for payment and refers claims needing further attention to an analyst or claim examiner.
  7. Performs various calculations to support the determination of retirement, health services, or worker’s compensation benefits.
  8. Communicates with employees, dependents, human resources, and payroll personnel within citywide departments, representatives from outside agencies, medical practitioners, lawyers, and other professionals.
  9. Responds to routine vendor and claimant tracer inquires on unpaid medical invoices and medical only claims.
  10. Completes standard form letters, and maintains reports, logs, and records.
  11. Acts as a verifier to check work performed by another technician at the end of the day.
  12. Performs related duties and responsibilities as assigned.

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