Recycling Specialist in San Francisco


rePlanet is seeking Recycling Specialists to assist customers with their recycling beverage containers, sorts recycling beverage containers, and in some locations operates reverse vending machines.


  • Responsible for opening and closing rePlanet or traditional recycling centers as scheduled and mandated by the State and the Company.
  • Purchases aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles from the public, ensuring proper customer service.
  • Inspects, sorts, correctly identifies and accurately weighs materials, calling out each weight and verbalizes transaction to the customer.
  • Demonstrates reverse vending machine for customers at rePlanet recycling centers.
  • Issues a voucher for the recycled material or pays out cash.
  • Stores aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles in proper storage container.
  • Responsible for sorting and crushing glass bottles.
  • Keeps work area clean, organized, and safe.
  • Performs daily cleaning and maintenance of equipment and reports any problems.
  • Performs general maintenance and cleaning daily of reverse vending machines at rePlanet recycling centers.
  • Tests scale with certified weight and ensures accuracy each day before opening.
  • Correctly completes required daily and/or weekly paperwork.
  • Reports site volume information to central office via voicemail or modem or computer.
  • Understands and reports market conditions and competition affecting site.

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