Safeway Hiring Courtesy Clerks in San Francisco and San Rafael


Safeway is currently hiring Courtesy Clerks for stores in San Rafael and San Francisco.

Essential Duties:

• Provide top-quality customer service in accordance with our Company’s customer service standards and policies and procedures.
• Bag groceries making sure not to overload bag(s) and ensuring contents are not damaged.
• Load purchased items into cart(s).
• Help customers carry and/or load purchased groceries outside to their vehicles.
• Retrieve shopping carts from parking lot.
• Perform price checks when asked by cashier to verify grocery prices.
• Maintain cleanliness of the store including check stand area (belt and glass), facing and straightening up end display areas near check stand, sweeping of floor, mopping, emptying trash throughout the store, cleaning of lunch/break-room areas as well as restrooms and other store areas as assigned.
• Maintain cleanliness of parking lot including maintaining clean entry and emptying of trash as necessary
• Assist customers with their shopping selection upon request.
• Stock supply of bags at check stands.
• Collect grocery items not purchased and return items to appropriate stock shelf.
• Adhere to uniform and grooming policy as defined within company policy.

Apply online for either position at Safeway Jobs