Program Director Needed for San Francisco Community Center

I.T. Bookman Community Center is a non-profit resource base for community driven programming in the Oceanview, Merced Heights, and Ingleside communities, striving to recognize and address the needs of community members through the development of sustainable programs and services. We are seeking an experienced Community Program Director (CPD) to join our team!

The CPD is responsible for overseeing the program management staff, directing the implementation of new and current activities and events into our ongoing fold of daily programming, as well as analyzing programs for ongoing success and opportunities for improvement.

The CPD will also work closely with the Executive Director to determine what activities and events fit the Center’s mission best, and from there – manage each project from its ideation phase through to fruition. This will involve but is not limited to securing supplies and instructors as well as initiating and facilitating marketing efforts to drive community interest.

Interested? See the complete job description and requirements at Craigslist