Community-Based Instructor/Facilitators Wanted in Berkeley

Ala Costa’s Adult Transition program [ACAT] are looking for innovative, progressive individuals who can instruct relationally and consciously in a community based adult transition and adult day program, in a 3 to 1 student to teacher ratio, work collaboratively with co-instructors, problem solve independently, take initiative when appropriate, and be able to ask questions rather than give directives in order to enable participants to make their own choices. A strong belief in equality, the rights of disabled people, and neurodiversity is essential.
Job Responsibilities encompass instruction in areas of independent living skills [i.e. cooking, money management, travel training. etc.], community integration and vocational skills. Our overarching goal is decreasing dependence while learning in least restrictive environments. Prospective employee believes in the importance of the concepts of self-determination, person-centered programming, and agency.

This is a physically demanding position as it is community based and daily travel with participants is on public transportation or on foot in all kinds of weather. Staff will also need to assist participants with mobility limitations and this may require some lifting. Please keep this in mind when applying.

About Us:
Ala Costa’s Adult Transition program [ACAT] is a non-profit origination which serves intellectually/developmentally disabled adults ages 18 years and older with from the Berkeley Unified School District, North Region SELPA and Regional Centers. We are a community based program that focuses on self-determination, vocational and independent living skills, and community integration.

Ala Costa’s Adult Programs are designed and directed by Autistics and many staff autistic and neurodivergent.

The program hours are 8:00 am until 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday

• Must be able to work without direct supervision
• Ability to read and write effectively
• At least 18 years of age
• Ability to be First Aid/CPR certified

• $14.50 per hour starting pay plus benefits.
• 30 hours per week

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