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Just email the job details and relevant attachments and links to:   Then our site administrator, will grab your email, review and post on jobsbucket within 24 hours.

Oh and please include a (future) date on which you would like the posting removed.  We don’t want you being bombarded with applications once the job is filled.

Don’t be a stranger. Come visit us again!


2 thoughts on “post a job

  1. Hello, We have submitted an opportunity to be listed on your website twice, but unfortunately it is still not displaying. The first request was sent by Marnie Bantilan ( on May 11th and the second attempt was sent by Myra Enseñales ( on May 19th. The post is for an Exhibits Electronics Engineer II with California Academy of Sciences. Will you please let me know how soon we may have this opportunity visible to the jobseekers on your site or if you need additional information. Your immediate response would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!!


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